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"Nicole has changed my life. After one session using the MPS Dolphins my wide-spread pain is completely gone. I can never thank you enough." - Lindsay W. (Aug 2017)

I travel over 100 miles one-way to see you, because you are truly the best. Thank you, Nicole for giving me back my shoulder, low back and knees, so I can continue to play golf" - Phil S. (May 2017)

"I feel great!! What talented hands:) Thank you, Nicole"  - Marge B. (Dec 2015)

"Nicole has been so much more helpful to me than any of the Physical Therapists I've seen since my knee surgeries. She has helped relieve much of my pain as my body is adjusting to it's new level.." - 
Claudia E. (Sept 2015) 

"Manfred, thanks for getting my shoulder moving, I'd never thought I'd get it above my head again! You are the best! "  - 
Nikki E. (June 2015)

"Nicole, you have saved me from surgery, time off of work, and I don't have to wear that ugly boot anymore for my planter fasciitis. I can't thank you enough!!" - Sandy O. (Aug 2014)

"I feel like a million bucks!! I wasted a lot of money on prescription meds, acupuncture and chiropractic appointments to fix my shoulder, I should've just tried massage seven months ago." -
Deb M. (Mar 2014) 

"Having fibromyalgia is difficult, but knowing that you can find and calm down the hot spots, provides me comfort in the days following my sessions. Your hands are magic, Thank you Nicole." -
Karen L. (Dec 2013) 

I am new to the area and I believe I have just found where I will be coming to have my massages." - Kate F. (Sept 2013)

"I have received regular therapeutic massages from many places, for many years and this was by far one of the best experiences ever." - Jackie D.(Sept 2013)

"I have used massage therapists from around the world for most of my life and I find the results to be very beneficial. As I age, I have noticed that the therapies provide me with greater flexibility and relaxation. I highly recommend them. Terry Arcoraci, at this establishment, is one of the best I have ever used. If you want to feel on top of the world give it a try. I promise, you will not be disappointed." - Bill M. (Apr 2013)

"We have been back in Kansas for more than two weeks now, and I want to tell you I have not had one episode of restless leg issue, and had not at least a week before we left Florida. I don't know what you did, but whatever it was has certainly worked for me, and I am thrilled. I am most appreciative." - Linda W. (Apr 2013)

" are the greatest! You have a magic touch! Thanks for the great massage last Monday." - Della L. (Jan 2013)

"On my last day in Venice, I visited Nicole Evans at Therapeutic Massage of Venice. I have had many massages in my life ..... none as fantastic as this one! Nicole is so knowledgeable and gives a KICK BUTT massage! Go see her for sure!" - Sharma F. (Jan 2013)

"A massage will help your mind calm down and help you feel peace within your body." - Colin E. (Nov 2012)

"Today, is my favorite day of the week. I love coming to my massage sessions!" - Denelle W. (Oct 2012)

"Terry, I so enjoyed my massage. The ambiance and compassion of your studio will bring much needed healing to all who enter. I am grateful and hope to visit again soon" - Michael R. (Oct 2012)

"I have been struggling with plantar fasciitis and my doctors have said not much you can do other than taping, stretching, or injections. Well I found another solution. My friend Nicole Evans is a massage therapist and yesterday I was in so much pain but after a session with her, I woke up today virtually pain free. I can't thank her enough!" - Gina S. (Aug 2012)