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We are not masseuses, we are licensed massage therapist professionals.  We do not notice you forgot to shave your legs, arms, or face.  You will not offend us if you take off your undergarments or leave them on, it will actually make your healing process simpler. Unless you are covered in dirt prior to your session time, showering is not necessary. However, a hot shower feels good and will assist in loosening tight muscles. Please leave your jewelry at home. No need for make-up, body lotions, self-tanners and perfumes, they are a distraction and can limit your body's healing process.

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What do I wear for my massage session?

Most massage sessions are conducted with the client being completely unclothed while lying on a massage table covered with fresh clean linens. Your privacy is always held with the highest regard and you will remain covered at all times, except for the areas being worked. At times, for a particular massage session like sports massage or stretching, your therapist will ask you to wear "free-moving" clothing. Minors have the option of remaining clothed or wearing a bathing suit for their sessions with consent from a parent or legal guardian.

After scheduling your appointment, all first time clients are required to complete an intake form regarding your contact information, medical conditions and medicines you are currently taking. This information is kept private according to federal HIPAA laws and is never shared or discussed without your written consent. At each sequential visit, you and your therapist will conduct a brief interview outlying your treatment options and goals. This will ensure a specific customized plan each time you visit.

What is the difference between a regular massage and therapeutic massage?

A therapeutic massage is designed to address your specific needs for that session, such as chronic pain management, injury recovery, and restoring range of motion.  Your series of sessions will vary based on your needs from session to session.

A regular massage, known as a Swedish massage, is often a routine performed by a series of strokes/glides throughout the entire body and it is designed for everyone.

How often should I get a massage?

Everyday! No really, it would be wonderful for all of us to get a daily massage, however, most budgets would be challenged. A weekly massage is excellent for rehabilitative health and especially good for any "change of life" events. More practically, a monthly massage session is beneficial for maintaining an already healthy body and mind. The plan is to stay ahead of your pain and discomfort by receiving your massage before it returns or gets stronger. Sessions can be twice a week, weekly, biweekly, monthly, bimonthly or special occasions.

What is a "change of life" event?

These changes occur throughout our lives, sometimes without us knowing about them. Our world around us creates theses types of changes to our body, our home and work environments. Physical changes come with injuries, illness and dis-ease. Emotional changes can happen within families that endure stressful status adjustments to employment, family members, living conditions, etc. Chemical changes can be the hormones inside our body (serotonin, cortisol, dopamine, etc.) as well as drugs, alcohol and post traumatic stress syndrome.  We want you to consider massage as an additional treatment plan, so please consult your medical physician.

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